Member Spotlight!

Member Spotlight

Most Involved Members

We would also like to take a moment to recognize our most involved members this semester. Not counting Camp Kudzu summer camps, these three members contributed over 200 hours to D4D this semester.

Laura Gillespie

Class of 2016, member since fall of 2012


“I joined Dawgs for Diabetes because I think its so important to spread awareness about T1D to people in the Athens area and to the students of UGA. Diabetes has been a part of my life for almost 18 years and it’s wonderful to see all of the people in the Athens community standing up for our cause. Dawgs for Diabetes is a fun way for me to spread awareness and stay connected to the T1D community. I am so thankful for the friends I’ve made through D4D over the past few years and for all of the great experiences I’ve been able to have! I can’t wait to see where Dawgs for Diabetes heads next, and I’m so proud to be a part of this organization.”

Laura helped us find new members at the activity fair. She volunteered at Camp Kudzu’s summer camp and fall family Camp. She attended the JDRF Walks in Atlanta and Athens, and she brought 18 friends to the walk in Athens. She created the JDRF letters and signs at our photo booths. She attended all our general body meetings, and she was a committee member. She raised over $300 for the JDRF Walk. She and her parents volunteered at the Campus Tour.

Trevor Blake

Class of 2018, member since fall of 2014


“The organization Dawgs for diabetes has been an incredible group to be a part of! I really enjoy that there is this community that I could go to and call upon no matter what problems I have in regards to diabetes or any college problems! They are family and I love them and I want nothing but for this group to the flourish and I want to be there every step of the way!!

Trevor helped us find new members at the activity fair. He was a CIT at Camp Kudzu this year. He attended the JDRF Walk Athens, and brought a friend to help with the photobooth. He helped create our faces of diabetes campaign. He attended all our general body meetings, and he was a committee member. He brought friends with him to meetings and social events. He helped with our first educational dorm program this semester. He helped spread awareness on World Diabetes Day. He also volunteered at the Campus Tour.

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Antonio Leonard

Class of 2017, member since fall of 2014

20141113_014539“In the beginning of my sophomore year in college, I knew that I needed to involve myself in some kind of extra-curricular activity. As I browsed through countless organizations, Dawgs for Diabetes grabbed my attention. Recently, my mother was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. I honestly did not think much of the effects or symptoms of diabetes. When I joined Dawgs for Diabetes, I was touched to understand what my mother was going through. Since then, I have been open to help in any way to spread the awareness of diabetes. Despite spending only one semester since joining Dawgs for Diabetes, my involvement with diabetes will last a lifetime.”

Antonio attended all meetings this semester and social events, and he was a committee member. He brainstormed fundraising and awareness ideas with us. At the JDRF Walk in Athens, he was one of our members to assist with face painting in our family fun area.


Top Fundraisers

We recognize how important fundraising can be; for Diabetes non-profits and to help us run. Without our members assisting in fundraising through canning, bake sales, letter writing, emails, social media, and other means we would not have been able to reach our fundraising total this semester. Our funds this semester went JDRF and the Campus Tour.

Haley White

Class of 2018, member since fall of 2014

            Haley helped us raise over $1,300 for the JDRF Walk and for D4D. After completing her first semester of college, she offers advice to future college students, but also to anyone who is busy and living with Diabetes.

photo.PNG“As my first semester of college came to and end, I thought about my new life as a diabetic college student. First of all, I learned that taking a four-day-a-week 8 AM class was probably not the smartest idea. I also took 16 credit hours, so I didn’t finish class each day until 3:20 PM. My days, to say the least, were long. So, I had to figure out a schedule: when I should eat; if I had time to eat; when I should be taking my long-lasting medication; etc. Though I was not concerned about coming to college with diabetes, I didn’t realize how obnoxious it would be once I got here. Because of my busy schedule, I barely had time to eat. Sometimes, I would have to cut studying time so that I could go grab a quick meal. Most of the time, however, I would skip a meal or two just so I could do work. Long story short, I never really had an eating schedule–it became a day-to-day thing. Through the craziness that it college, I learned that eating is probably one of the most important things (especially for a diabetic). So, my advice to anyone struggling with the same issues I had: carry a snack, ANY snack. Have an apple, some crackers, or even a half sandwich. That ended up being my solution to my eating-or lack thereof-schedule. All in all, try your best not to skip any meals; but if need be, carry some snacks with you to tie you over until the next meal.”


Other top fundraisers; Laura Gillespie, Mindy Bartleson, Riley Jenkins, Sarah Gibson, Meagan Will, LauraKate Buttrill, and Laura Greenich


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