A note from Exec- Gina Huang

A note from Exec,

Gina Huang

(currently Community Relations)


As I finish my freshman year and look back on my year, I have so many memories and lessons that I have to reflect on and learn from. First off, one of the best decisions that I have made is to be involved in organizations on campus and in the Athens community. When I first came to UGA, I was overwhelmed at the size and the number of students on campus. One of my biggest worries was definitely not finding a group of people that I would fit in with. Being in a smaller group of people has truly been able to “make a big campus smaller.”

I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to meet and to work with all the amazing, welcoming people in Dawgs for Diabetes. Each and every one of them has had a positive impact on my experience so far at UGA. I am so thankful that I met Mindy this year, and can say that she has made me feel at home since I first started going to the meetings. She has been nothing but approachable, caring, and always willing to help. On top of that, I can truly say I have met so many amazing people through D4D and have gotten to know many of them well. I have learned how important it is to surround with people that are positive and encouraging. When I am feeling down or frustrated after a bad day at classes or work, I know I have a group of people that I know I can talk to about how my day was. I am thankful for all my friends that have been there to lift me up when I am not feeling my best.

On a more general note, college can be an extremely stressful period of time in your life, especially the first semester. You have to live with a group of people you most likely haven’t met before, make new friends, attend class with hundreds of students, stay on top of your school work, start a new job, etc. The list goes on and on. You can definitely get overwhelmed physically, mentally, and emotionally. One of the most important things that I have learned from my freshman year is to not spread yourself too thin. Don’t take too many hours the first semester, manage your time wisely, do not procrastinate, and always do everything in moderation. While this is harder than it may sound, these are some of the main points to having a smooth transition into college. Also, during times when I am feeling stressed, I try to step back and look at everything from a different perspective. And while it may be disappointing to make a less than good grade in a certain class, it is not going to be that horrible in the bigger picture. What is important is that as you have learned something from your mistakes so that you can make the needed improvements.

These are just some of my thoughts that I have while looking back of my first year of college. I wish all of the incoming freshman good luck, and I hope to be seeing some of you at our D4D meetings next year! Go Dawgs!


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