Why I Camp- LauraKate Buttrill

Why I Camp- LauraKate Buttrill


I camp because I was a camper. I remember how much camp meant to me and how much I grew from those experiences. I had so many firsts at camp: first time ever changing my own site, first time putting my site in a new place, first time going out of my comfort zone. I made so many friends at camp, friendships I still have today. Yes, I had a diabetic sister, but camp was somewhere where everyone had diabetes and you had this common connection. You were in the minority if you didn’t have type 1 diabetes! Every year, I always looked to the week of camp, it was, and still is, my favorite week of the year. Once camp ends, I start the countdown again! I want my campers to have as great of a time I had as a camper! I camp for my campers!

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Our February Newsletter !


Dawgs for Diabetes February Newsletter

Check out our February Newsletter!!

Our February Newsletter !

The Campus Tour: A Diabetes Perspective! We did it!

The Campus Tour: A Diabetes Perspective

On Sunday, October 26 at 1PM. Dawgs for Diabetes, a Chapter of the College Diabetes Network hosted the first Campus Tour for families with high school students impacted by Diabetes at UGA. 21 Families attended, and over 30 volunteers made this event possible.

Posts from Mindy, Abbey, David, and a T1D Mom who attended the tour.

Why Have a Tour Like This?

“The Campus Tour could be used to spread the word about Dawgs for Diabetes and the College Diabetes Network so that families knew there was an organization waiting for them. Because the College Diabetes Network is all over the country, future students could be connected to CDN through other chapters, the organization as a whole, or feel inspired and start a chapter of their own if their college does not have one. Another hope would be for future UGA students to know that Dawgs for Diabetes is waiting for them when they get to college. Teens tend to be the group who get a little “lost” in the Diabetes community at this crucial point in their lives, and we all need to be reminded that we are not alone. As college approached, many of our members began to think about what was next; unanswered questions, changes in doctors, a new place, not living at home, large lecture classes, getting medicine, overall Diabetes management, and so much more.

This tour could be an inspiration for us and others. Diabetes does not have to be a limiting factor in our lives, but it can be motivation. We all already had to grow up quickly as children and then teens living with Diabetes, but here comes college, an opportunity, to grow as a person, and show the world what we are capable of. Many of us remember that scary and exciting transition as college approached, and we wanted to help ease everyone’s minds. We aren’t here to say it isn’t hard or irritating at times, but that is very possible. College is an opportunity to grow, learn about yourself, expand your opportunities, meet new people, and (comfort your parents that you can take care of yourself). I personally found college to be an excellent opportunity to blossom; I started eating healthier, I got more involved in what I wanted to do with my life, I found Dawgs for Diabetes, met a whole new circle(s) of friends, and I took charge of my Diabetes management. I became more passionate about Diabetes and its impact on Mental Health because I don’t think the world always accounts for this. We also must remember that we are stronger because of this disease even if we do not always feel this way. Many of us accomplish so much, surpass the odds and the predictions, follow our dreams, and explore the world.” – Part of an open letter in the campus tour packets, Mindy Bartleson, President, Class of 2015


“There Will Never be a time or Place”… like College

“College is not like high school. In many ways it is a lot harder, but it is something that everyone should have a chance to experience. It will not be easy. Your grades may not be as high as they were in high school. At some point, you may realize that you want to change your major, and you will wonder how it will affect your career path or if your options will be limited. You may have to deal with difficult experiences while you are away from your family. Balancing school, sleep, social life and other obligations is not a simple process. But there will probably never be another time or place where you have such easy access to so many resources whether educational or social. There is so much that happens on or near this campus like sporting events, music, guest lectures from well-known speakers, service opportunities, conferences and so much more. You will meet so many people who will impact you in many ways. You will learn what types of people make you a better person, and you will learn to identify those who you may not connect with very well. You will probably experience more growth during this time than you ever have before in your life. As someone who does not have diabetes, Dawgs For Diabetes has helped me to better understand something that does not directly affect me but has impacted the lives of friends and family members. I understand how important it is to raise awareness since many people do not understand what diabetes is. Let’s keep working to educate people until we have a cure!” Abbey Giese, member, Class of 2015


“Imagine the Impact over Four Years”

“What this tour provided was insight into the college experience for both parent and child. This tour was not meant to show off the school, or point out any of its great academic or athletic achievements, but meant to give peace of mind to parents by easing their concerns for their soon-to-be college student who might be overwhelmed with, well, just about everything. By attending the campus tour, not only were previously held questions and concerns going to be answered, but attendees were provided the comfort of knowing there is a family awaiting you at college. We wanted to let attendees know that you are not alone in the fact that you have diabetes and are new to college. There will most likely be clubs and organizations similar to Dawgs for Diabetes no matter what college you decide to attend, and on top of that, the College Diabetes Network is always going to be there for you.

It seemed anyone and every one of the students who was asked to help out with the Campus Tour was eager to jump on board before we were even done explaining. The buzz about this tour caught the attention of people with diabetes, and their supporters, from all across Georgia. Among the 30 total volunteers, we had an author of a well-known diabetes book, a medical student from Georgia Regents University in Augusta, a public health graduate student from Emory University, and many, many more. The word about The Campus Tour: A Diabetes Perspective spread around quite well and made its way into the schedules of 21 families.

Overall, the tour could not have gone any better. From the beginning to the end, those who attended seemed to learn so much and were extremely thankful for the opportunity to attend such a great event. The responses to the surveys and kind words sent to us following the conclusion of the tour only emphasized how much of an impact the College Diabetes Network and Dawgs for Diabetes had on a large group of people in just one day. Just imagine what the impact of both organizations is over four years of college!” David Paul Weinzierl, member, Class of 2016

See David’s full Post here

“A Wealth of Knowledge”

“I don’t know if you will have a survey or feedback questionnaire come through, but I wanted to let you know we are relieved to find out about the College Diabetes Network.  You have reduced our anxiety regarding T1D and college life.  Also, it is obvious the time and talent put into the emails, links, and webpages that were developed solely for Dawgs for Diabetes.  I don’t think you or the administration behind this forgot anything. The other T1D college kids that joined us during the walk were a wealth of knowledge, about campus life, camp life, their experience in D4D.  They were all so friendly and welcoming, “ -T1D Mom who attended.

Member Spotlight!

Member Spotlight

Most Involved Members

We would also like to take a moment to recognize our most involved members this semester. Not counting Camp Kudzu summer camps, these three members contributed over 200 hours to D4D this semester.

Laura Gillespie

Class of 2016, member since fall of 2012


“I joined Dawgs for Diabetes because I think its so important to spread awareness about T1D to people in the Athens area and to the students of UGA. Diabetes has been a part of my life for almost 18 years and it’s wonderful to see all of the people in the Athens community standing up for our cause. Dawgs for Diabetes is a fun way for me to spread awareness and stay connected to the T1D community. I am so thankful for the friends I’ve made through D4D over the past few years and for all of the great experiences I’ve been able to have! I can’t wait to see where Dawgs for Diabetes heads next, and I’m so proud to be a part of this organization.”

Laura helped us find new members at the activity fair. She volunteered at Camp Kudzu’s summer camp and fall family Camp. She attended the JDRF Walks in Atlanta and Athens, and she brought 18 friends to the walk in Athens. She created the JDRF letters and signs at our photo booths. She attended all our general body meetings, and she was a committee member. She raised over $300 for the JDRF Walk. She and her parents volunteered at the Campus Tour.

Trevor Blake

Class of 2018, member since fall of 2014


“The organization Dawgs for diabetes has been an incredible group to be a part of! I really enjoy that there is this community that I could go to and call upon no matter what problems I have in regards to diabetes or any college problems! They are family and I love them and I want nothing but for this group to the flourish and I want to be there every step of the way!!

Trevor helped us find new members at the activity fair. He was a CIT at Camp Kudzu this year. He attended the JDRF Walk Athens, and brought a friend to help with the photobooth. He helped create our faces of diabetes campaign. He attended all our general body meetings, and he was a committee member. He brought friends with him to meetings and social events. He helped with our first educational dorm program this semester. He helped spread awareness on World Diabetes Day. He also volunteered at the Campus Tour.

Check out Trevor’s interview in the Red and Black

Antonio Leonard

Class of 2017, member since fall of 2014

20141113_014539“In the beginning of my sophomore year in college, I knew that I needed to involve myself in some kind of extra-curricular activity. As I browsed through countless organizations, Dawgs for Diabetes grabbed my attention. Recently, my mother was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. I honestly did not think much of the effects or symptoms of diabetes. When I joined Dawgs for Diabetes, I was touched to understand what my mother was going through. Since then, I have been open to help in any way to spread the awareness of diabetes. Despite spending only one semester since joining Dawgs for Diabetes, my involvement with diabetes will last a lifetime.”

Antonio attended all meetings this semester and social events, and he was a committee member. He brainstormed fundraising and awareness ideas with us. At the JDRF Walk in Athens, he was one of our members to assist with face painting in our family fun area.


Top Fundraisers

We recognize how important fundraising can be; for Diabetes non-profits and to help us run. Without our members assisting in fundraising through canning, bake sales, letter writing, emails, social media, and other means we would not have been able to reach our fundraising total this semester. Our funds this semester went JDRF and the Campus Tour.

Haley White

Class of 2018, member since fall of 2014

            Haley helped us raise over $1,300 for the JDRF Walk and for D4D. After completing her first semester of college, she offers advice to future college students, but also to anyone who is busy and living with Diabetes.

photo.PNG“As my first semester of college came to and end, I thought about my new life as a diabetic college student. First of all, I learned that taking a four-day-a-week 8 AM class was probably not the smartest idea. I also took 16 credit hours, so I didn’t finish class each day until 3:20 PM. My days, to say the least, were long. So, I had to figure out a schedule: when I should eat; if I had time to eat; when I should be taking my long-lasting medication; etc. Though I was not concerned about coming to college with diabetes, I didn’t realize how obnoxious it would be once I got here. Because of my busy schedule, I barely had time to eat. Sometimes, I would have to cut studying time so that I could go grab a quick meal. Most of the time, however, I would skip a meal or two just so I could do work. Long story short, I never really had an eating schedule–it became a day-to-day thing. Through the craziness that it college, I learned that eating is probably one of the most important things (especially for a diabetic). So, my advice to anyone struggling with the same issues I had: carry a snack, ANY snack. Have an apple, some crackers, or even a half sandwich. That ended up being my solution to my eating-or lack thereof-schedule. All in all, try your best not to skip any meals; but if need be, carry some snacks with you to tie you over until the next meal.”


Other top fundraisers; Laura Gillespie, Mindy Bartleson, Riley Jenkins, Sarah Gibson, Meagan Will, LauraKate Buttrill, and Laura Greenich

D4D End of Semester Newsletter!

We have had a GREAT Semester! Check out recaps from this semester and our member spotlight!

Check out our End of Semester Newsletter!





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D4D September 2014 Newsletter

Don’t forget about our Campus Tour on October 26 from 1-5PM at UGA!

We are so excited to post our September 2014 Newsletter! We appreciate everyone’s collaboration for our second newsletter!

Thanks from all of us at D4D!

The Campus Tour: A Diabetes Perspective- Presented by Dawgs for Diabetes, a Chapter of the College Diabetes Network- October 26

We are so excited to present our invitations to the first Campus Tour we are hosting on Sunday, October 26 from 1-5PM in Tate Grand Hall at the University of Georgia. More details to come! You don’t have to want to go to UGA to attend- we’ll connect you to the College Diabetes Network. We invite families impacted by Diabetes to attend our tour, receive information and resources, attend panels, and so much more.

Campus Tour Invite

Please RSVP by October 8 at 5PM.

We invite you to RSVP to our facebook event!

If you have any questions or thoughts, please email us at dawgs4diabetesuga@gmail.com.


D4D Newsletter 2014

We are so excited to launch our First Newsletter. Enjoy. We apologize for the delay. We’d love to hear what you think!

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D4D Newsletter July 2014

We hope to get away from google docs in the future as we become more comfortable with the process.


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