Get Involved

Helping Georgia’s Kids Living with Diabetes


On Campus

  • become a member of D4D
  • Raise awareness on Campus through various activities.
  • Become a mentor, you do not have to have Diabetes.
  • Participate with us at the JDRF Walk in Atlanta.
  • Fundraise with us.
  • More coming soon!

You do not have to have Diabetes or know anything about Diabetes to be involved. UGA students and faculty along with members of the community can become involved in the organization.

Off Campus


  • If you are interested in sending a check or becoming a sponsor please email us at


  • Raise Diabetes awareness in your community.
  • Raise money for a Diabetes organization that you believe in.
  • Mentoring- not just limited to Athens.
  • Create walk team or get involved with JDRF in some capacity.
  • Get involved with your local Camp, like Camp Kudzu
  • Educate schools about Diabetes.

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